Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The difference is “You” – Make it count

One of the biggest challenge for trainers these days is growing competition amongst training providers and online learning resources. I have come across many participants who prefer reading a book or watching  an online video on YouTube than attending a live program, reason, they find it more convenient, cost effective and flexible.

We all must recognise the fact that the times have changed and they will continue to change and live training programs would face these challenges as technology and its access improves in future. Does that mean end of life for live programs…may be not, because the primary difference in an online program and a live training is “You”. It's your persona, your charisma, your demeanour that no online program, video or book could match. People will come to you for they want to interact with you, listen to you, and enjoy your presence. So, if you could master this one thing that could set you apart from the crowds, you would not only be effective in delivering your programmes, you would also be the reason for them to attend these programs.

Now, the pertinent question, How do you make the difference?

Simple answer would be Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP. NLP is based on Modelling, we model professionals who are good at producing desired results. We carefully observe and note what they do and how they achieve results. Now, you don't have to master the art of NLP before you could be an effective trainer/ speaker (some basic understanding is always a good idea though), for we have already done the hard work for you. In NLP based “Art of Training – Master Skills” program you would learn how these world class trainers are able to weave magic and keep their participants mesmerised. Not only the techniques that they use or skills they have, you would also be coached on how you could use these techniques so you could master them and use them as your own.

Art of Training – Master Skills is an Eight day program run with a small group of less than ten participants. It is a combination of training, individual feedback and coaching and lot of practice that enables you to pinpoint the areas that you need to master. It builds on what “You” are instead of making  you copy someone else. The learning process is organic, it builds on your innate skills.

Joining this program is really simple as it does not have any pre-requisites except that you should be committed. We recommend knowledge of NLP, yet ,it is not mandated. Even if you were to learn it later (or never) you would be able to deliver great programs by simply attending and practicing the skills acquired in this program.

Who could attend? As I said earlier, almost anyone, if you are a trainer, manager, coach, speaker or are wanting to become one, the program will add lot of value, (in fact after seeing what I was creating, one of my close friend wanted me train his entire management team) You simply need to register yourself and you are on the path to becoming a Great Trainer.

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